Making Our Own Market: Reading is Fundamental

The Making Our Own Market series has been about empowering children’s book creators of color with new ways to tell our stories and get them into children’s hands. Luckily, we don’t have to do that last part alone. Wonderful organizations like Reading is Fundamental (RIF)First BookTeaching for Changeand others support our work in important and enduring ways. We’re blessed to wrap up this series (occasional posts may follow) by hearing from RIF which sends, with the support of Macy’s, thousands of copies of its annual multicultural collection of children’s books to schools and libraries around the country. A big thank you to Carol H. Rasco, Judy Blankenship Cheatham, Cheryl Clark, Teri Wright and the entire RIF team for their support of The Brown Bookshelf and books that celebrate the beautiful diversity of our world… read more here.

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