Innovations in Book Marketing: Betsy Bird, Julie Danielson and Peter D. Sieruta’s “Deleted Scenes” Blog for WILD THINGS

Written by three librarian-bloggers, the book is a collection of “the stories behind the stories of your favorite children’s books,” including “some of the feuds and fights of the children’s book world.”

And yet… the authors found there were too many stories.

“Truth be told we didn’t really notice this until we turned in our preliminary manuscript to our editor. The page count? 700+
“Pick up the book now and you’ll find it a svelte 272 pages. That meant cutting out content. A LOT of content. Great stories that will intrigue and entice you but just didn’t quite fit in with the book as a whole.”

So to promote the book, Betsy Bird (of Fuse #8) and Julie Danielson (of Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast)* have put together the WILD THINGS website/blog, where they are “repurposing” the stories that otherwise would have just sat there on the cutting room floor.

Get the full story at: scbwi: The Blog

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