Let’s Go On An Adventure: 20 Books to Inspire Adventurous Mighty Girls

What adventure is your Mighty Girl going on this summer? Is this the year she’ll bike to the park by herself, sleep outside in a tent, or learn to ride a horse? Will she paddle a canoe, or pass her swim test? Maybe she’s going on a trip with the scouts, or hiking in the woods near her house to find the perfect place to build her secret hideout. Whatever she’s planning, summer is the perfect time for new adventures — testing her limits and daring to try the things that she’s not quite sure she can do.

To inspire your Mighty Girl to set off on all sorts of summer adventures, we’ve put together a list of our top 20 books featuring daring, courageous Mighty Girl characters on adventures of their own. These stories capture all the thrill and excitement of pushing yourself to do something unexpected and new. And who knows? You might just decide to join her on her new adventure!

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