Faith Ringgold’s first Children’s Book

Today I want to focus on one of the most magical family dinners ever portrayed. Faith Ringgold created her first children’s book, Tar Beach, winner of a Caldecott Honor, not from pencil and paper but from one of the story quilts that made her famous. In 1988, she finished five story quilts, part of the “Woman on a Bridge” series, now owned by the Guggenheim Museum. Descended from Southern slaves, Ringgold decided to use one of their artistic formats, the patchwork quilt, to tell modern stories based on her own childhood.

July has been designated National Black Family Month, a month for Black Americans “to invest in their families as well as themselves.” The organizers hope that participants will have family reunions, dinners, or network with each other.


Get the full story at: Children’s Book Almanac 


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