FlickerLab Takes Live Animation to the Next Level

With today’s tech-savvy SVOD-gobbling kids, who are more connected than ever, it’s becoming increasingly advantageous for content creators to develop properties that are fully compatible across all platforms. Arguably, no one knows this better than Manhattan-headquartered technology and educational content studio FlickerLab.

Always watching for efficient solutions to keep pace with evolving industry trends, the company has found a significant level of success over the last five years with its proprietary live-animation tool, the Cartoon Broadcast System (invented in 1996 and acquired by FlickerLab in 2009). CBS allows multi-camera animation to be produced the same day it airs at a much lower cost than traditional broadcast animation—less than US$1,000 per finished minute of animation in some cases. FlickerLab is now moving live animation to the next level.

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