7 Types of Presentations for School Visits

School visits are more than an opportunity to market books. It’s a great way to engage young readers. Children’s book author, and reviewer, Tracey M. Cox, details seven types of presentations authors will want to consider when thinking about school visits. Spice up your school visits by doing a different presentation for each school, or mix and match for a more advanced class.

  • Reading
    Read a book or two. It can be all yours or mix it up. Ask them what they liked about each book. This can help you in seeing what’s interesting to them too! Research.  This presentation works great for the younger ages. Although I have had high school students who love this too. I don’t think we ever grow out of liking to hear a story being told.
  • Writing Process
    Take the students through your writing process. They will see that you have to do several things just like they do. This helps make the connection of carrying-through for life on what they are learning. This presentation works great for mid-elementary all the way through high school.

For all 7 tips, check out Cox’s full suite of school visit blog posts ranging from marketing visits, to preparing for your big day.

Get the full story at Tracey M. Cox.

Image via Patrik Goethe


School visits (image courtesy of Pixabay)
School visits (image courtesy of Pixabay)
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