Brandon Mullu0027s Five Kingdoms Book

Simon & Schuster make movie-quality trailer for Five Kingdoms

Simon and Schuster went all out nine months ago when they introduced Brandon Mull’s new book series. Mull is best known for his hero fantasy stories that take regular kids and send them to magical places. This book trailer makes you wonder if they sliced the frames straight from a movie. It appears no expense was spared for the New York Times best seller with top-notch graphics, actors, sets and special effects!

Kids will be wanting the series – and lucky for them, Five Kingdoms Book 2: Rogue Knight just hit the shelves in time for the 2014 holidays!

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Kid Lit TV Commenter ?

We need a movie for these books. We NEED one! Why haven’t they made one yet? Will they make one? What can I do to encourage making one? If they made a good movie for this it would be my favorite movie ever!


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