Seven Questions Over Breakfast with Jen Corace

Jen Corace sits down with Julie Danielson (a.k.a. Jules) at “Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast” to answer 7 questions (of course!) Corace is an illustrator whose ability ranges from over-the-top fun in Telephone to dark and mysterious in Hansel and Gretel. 

Jules: What exactly is your process when you are illustrating a book? You can start wherever you’d like when answering: getting initial ideas, starting to illustrate, or even what it’s like under deadline, etc. Do you outline a great deal of the book before you illustrate or just let your muse lead you on and see where you end up?

Jen: When I get a new manuscript. I print it out immediately. I tend to skim reading material on a computer screen and need a hard copy to stare at, bring around with me, make notes, make doodles, that sort of thing. I sometimes use a pagination grid to break up text and images in a way that fits in the book and makes for proper pacing. But mostly, I just make page notes on the printed-out manuscript and write little bits of notes about what I’m thinking about doing for each spread.

To read all 7 questions and answers, go to Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast!

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