20 New Classics Every Child Should Own

Jordan B. Nielson, Children’s Book Buyer, shares some of her favorite children’s books.

Last week Time published its100 Best Children’s Books of All Time, and a companion list, The 100 Best Young Adult Books of All Time. As the children’s book buyer for an independent bookstore and reviewer of children’s fiction, several of my friends, family members and colleagues posted the link to my Facebook wall almost simultaneously. I sighed as I dragged my cursor over to the link, knowing full well what awaited me, a little thread of sadness knotting in my stomach. It’s the same knot I get as a bookseller when I encounter a particular kind of adult customer who is looking to buy a book for a child: their eyes are darting nervously about my section of the store, they’re picking up books and putting them down without really looking at them, they are babes lost in a realm long forgotten to them.

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