Today is National Readathon Day!

January 24th is National Readathon Day! Penguin Random House, the National Book Foundation (NBF), Mashable, and GoodReads have joined forces to celebrate the power of reading and to fund the NBF’s literacy initiatives. From 12 noon to 4 PM today the nation will be reading up a storm. It’s not too late to join in on the readathon fun! You can read books at home, in a cafe, the library, a bookstore … wherever!

You might take for granted how easy it is for you to read this sentence, but millions of Americans still struggle with basic literacy. 40% of American adults are either at or below basic reading proficiency, and 14% are fully illiterate. But the trouble doesn’t stop there. Each year, millions of Americans — especially our youth — are losing touch with the power and importance of reading books. As Malcolm X said, “People don’t realize how a whole life can be changed by one book.”

Don’t forget to make #timetoread today!

Visit Penguin Random House’s National Readathon page for more information.


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