James Ransome at the New Rochelle Public Library

This February, the New Rochelle Public Library will exhibit the works of award-winning children’s illustrator James Ransome. Over 50 paintings will be included in the exhibit, alongside dummy books and preliminary art. Ransome is recognized for his rich portrayal of African American history and culture.

Read more at Children’s Book Council.

Image source Children’s Book Council.

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Kid Lit TV Commenter RMN

I did not get to attend Mr. Ransom’s opening but I walked slowly through the gallery of his work yesterday and again today. How touching his work is- even up close. I realize how rare it is to see so many of these everyday scenes of African-American life on the canvas. Ransome is prolific and has a great gift. There is also a wonderful set of panels on his method in his own words. There is such movement in the work and a great deal of light. Really worth seeing in person.


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