Children’s Literary Salon in Retrospect: Photography on March 1, 2014

Photography has historically been rare in children’s books, but it seems to be gaining in popularity… Kuklin practiced photography before she started writing books for youth. She wanted to see things and places that she would not otherwise have access to. At one point, she rode with undercover cops and photographed, an assignment that she would not recommend due to safety concerns. The year that she started getting numerous photography jobs, it seemed like every magazine started going bankrupt, including Life, Newsweek, Look (probably due to the Internet). She was distraught, and she wondered if she would ever find work again. Luckily, she was invited to become part of Project Nim, which involved photographing a chimp who was being taught sign language. Once she got started with children’s books, she has never looked back.

Find out more at New York Public Library.

Image source New York Public Library.


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