Do You Know a Little Girl Called Birdie?

From Cattail Chronicles:

Luckily, and of course, I can’t remember how…I found Birdie. Birdie is a delightful little girl, the invention of illustrator Sujean Rimm. Birdie has been around for awhile…she made her debut way back in 2009 in a lovely book called Birdie’s Big-Girl Shoes. Birdie, just like every other little girl, is in love with the shoes in her mother’s closet – and she’s simply can’t wait to try them on. When her mother finally relents, Birdie thinks she’s finally in shoe heaven. But then she realizes that maybe, just maybe, peep-toes, pointy Mary Janes and stilettos are not exactly what she needs right now. And that actually going barefoot is the best of all!

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Image source Cattail Chronicles.

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