Roundtable: Why all the Drama about ‘Drama’?

Earlier this week, the American Library Association released its list of the most frequently challenged books in America. Last year’s list included Bone and Captain Underpants (which is sort of an honorary comic). This year’s list had three graphic novels: Saga, Persepolis, and Raina Telgemeier’s Drama.

Saga has explicit sexuality, and Persepolis has come under fire for its images of torture. But Drama? The reason cited was “sexually explicit,” but Drama is set in middle school and has no explicit sex—in fact, it has no sex at all, unless you consider a kiss to be “explicit sex.” What’s more, Drama is a great book: YALSA named it one of the top ten Great Graphic Novels for Teens, it won a Stonewall Award, and it was one of the top selling graphic novels in bookstores in 2014, alongside Telgemeier’s other blockbusters, Smile and Sisters. We have recommended it numerous times here at Good Comics for Kids; Esther reviewed it when it first came out and we had a roundtable about it as well.

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Kid Lit TV Commenter Brynnlee

I have never read Drama but I want to. I like the action in it I am like a drama queen myself.

Kid Lit TV Commenter addilyn

hello! i have the book drama! its about a girl who… just get the book im not spoiling! i am honestly happy to have the book. i think the book is to easy honestly.


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