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StoryMakers | Maryrose Wood and The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place

Maryrose Wood and her Incorrigible Children!

This week we interview Maryrose Wood, author of The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place series. Let the howling commence!


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The newest Incorrigible escapes on April 21st!

UnmappedSeaFrom www.MaryroseWood.com:

The delightful new cover art is by Eliza Wheeler.

Lord Fredrick Ashton may not feel ready to be a father, but with a bouncing baby Ashton on the way, he’s sure about one thing: The wolfish curse on his family must end soon, before the child is born, “or a Barking Baby Ashton is what we’ll get,” he warns the household’s governess, Miss Penelope Lumley, who willingly takes on the challenge. When Lady Constance’s doctor prescribes a wintry seaside holiday to strengthen her constitution, Penelope jumps at the chance to take the three Incorrigible children to Brighton. Once there, she hopes to persuade the old sailor Pudge to reveal what he knows about the Ashton curse.

But the Ashtons are not the only ones at the beach in January. The passionately temperamental Babushkinov family is also taking the winter waters. The Incorrigible children may have been raised by wolves, but the Babushkinov children are the wildest creatures they’ve ever seen. Is it more than mere coincidence that these untamed children have turned up in Brighton just as Penelope and the Incorrigibles arrive?

Maryrose has taught fiction writing and playwriting and is a popular speaker at schools, libraries and conferences. For fun she likes to garden, bike, kayak, and try new vegetarian recipes. You can find her online at www.maryrosewood.com or on Twitter at @Maryrose_Wood.

The entire series has been repackaged and looks lovely! Congratulations to Maryrose Wood and Eliza Wheeler!

“The Swanburne Academy Anthem”
Lyrics by Maryrose Wood
Music by Andrew Gerle
Performed by the Riverdale Rising Stars, Bronx, NY
Laurie Walton, Artistic Director
Recorded by Bob Walton

Host: Rocco Staino @RoccoA
Executive Producer: Julie Gribble @JulieGribbleNYC

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Kid Lit TV Commenter Sandy Perlic

How have I missed this series? It has a wonderful premise, and looks intriguing. Thanks for sharing today!

Kid Lit TV Commenter J Gribble

The newest book in the series comes out on April 21st! Thank you for entering the raffle. Now you’ll have a chance to win all 5!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Danielle Hammelef

I have never heard of these books before. thanks for sharing and for the giveaway!

Kid Lit TV Commenter J Gribble

You’re welcome! So happy to introduce you to Maryrose and her wonderfully incorrigible children!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Holly Ferrero

I love these books! The audio versions are very well done too. Thanks for the chance to win!

Kid Lit TV Commenter J Gribble

I haven’t heard the audio versions yet! I’ll have to take a listen, soon!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Atikah Saffi

I love, love, love this series so much! I’ve read the first book, and I’m so in love with the characters, the settings, the story. Can’t wait to dive into this world back. Thank you for the chance to win such lovely books. <3

Kid Lit TV Commenter Mary E. Evans

Looking forward to winning!!!! Oh, and of course diving into all five books! Thanks for the opportunity.

Kid Lit TV Commenter hollyferrero

I can’t get the Bring Your Friends one to work. I did the Twitter option and I emailed someone, but it never gives me the option to get the 10 extra entries. Thanks!

Kid Lit TV Commenter J Gribble

Hi Holly! Thank you for entering! I did notice that when the contest is shared via email, the person you emailed has to click on a link. Here’s an excerpt from the email text that is sent: “Enter to win here: http://gvwy.io/ga2xlfe When you enter using that link, I’ll get an entry into the giveaway, too :)” I wasn’t aware of that. Maybe that’s what is happening?

Kid Lit TV Commenter Tee

I just love the idea of the NANNY being the one to solve this problem. I would have loved this one as a kid – the vocabulary is delicious. And I really love the new cover!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Robyn Hoode

I love The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place and I’d love to own all the books!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Sydney O'Neill

This sounds like a fascinating series. I look forward to reading it and suspect the children in my family will enjoy it, too.

Kid Lit TV Commenter CStar

Beautiful cover! This reminds me very much of the artistry in Mordicai Gerstein’s “The Seal Mother.” Looking forward to reading this with my kids!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Kathleen

This is definitely a series I would love to binge read! School song is wonderarooful!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Lily J.

GASP. I have been waiting for Book 5 to come out for what feels like ages. I’m so excited to read it! Or, listen to it, because there is no beating Katherine Kellgren’s audiobook narration.

Kid Lit TV Commenter Janas Byrd

I agree with Lilly-when my daughter and I started the first one, she was too young to read it alone so I read it to her. The problem was I had heard Maryrose read and I couldn’t do it justice. I got the audiobook and we fell in love!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Julie Gribble

I would hesitate to read anything aloud, even a take-out menu, if Maryrose had read it aloud first!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Zeeb Brakitchen

Thanks so much for the invite. What a wonderful series. I can’t wait to explore it.

Kid Lit TV Commenter Julie Gribble

I’d enjoy seeing these books developed into a television series to reach an even larger audience.


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