Ira’s Shakespeare Dream

Review: As a young African American boy, Ira Frederick Aldridge sat spellbound as Shakespeare’s Hamletwas brought to life on the stage of the Park Theater in New York City. It was the early 1800s and only white actors were allowed to perform Shakespeare. Yet, Ira Aldridge was determined to perform the works of the Bard. He pursued his dream by crossing the Atlantic to become one of the most celebrated Shakespearean actors of his time in England and Europe.

Teaching Ideas / Invitations for Your Classroom:

Grades 2-7

All the World’s A Stage: Bringing Shakespeare to Life. Transform your classroom into the Globe Theater or Theatre Royal Haymarket where Ira Aldridge performed. Gather famous lines or scenes from Shakespearean plays and have students perform these lines with fervor drawing on Ira as an inspiration.

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