Review: The New Small Person by Lauren Child

From Sprout’s Bookshelf:

I was thrilled when I saw that Lauren Child was publishing a book with African American characters. We’ve read a few of her Charlie and Lola books (I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato, anyone?) and really enjoyed them. I’m happy to report that The New Small Person, featuring Elmore and his little brother Albert, is not only diverse but exactly what you’d expect from Lauren Child: funny, touching and full of very recognizable pint-sized people.

Elmore is a pretty cool kid and he’s livin’ the life as the center of his parents’ attention. All well and good until someone else, some *small person* comes along and starts throwing off Elmore’s groove. It starts with the choice of cartoons (Elmore doesn’t like small people TV) and pretty soon it’s toys being knocked over and then the violation of Elmore’s super-special jar of jelly beans. Not a good scene. What’s worse, the small person isn’t staying small – he’s getting bigger, and the bigger he gets the more Elmore finds that his life is being changed in ways he doesn’t at all care for.

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