To Slide or Not to Slide, That Is the Question

There is a time to slide and there is a time not to slide. With the boys of summer, America’s national pastime heroes (i.e., baseball players), it is perfectly acceptable to run the bases and slide when needed. However, with America’s national educational heroes (i.e., teachers and students), it is not acceptable to run a successful course of the school year and then experience a summer slide academically.

How can we prepare our students to have stamina to finish the school year strong? How can we empower them to continue hitting home runs during the final “innings” and into summer? The answer might be found in the power of I³ (influential, intentional, instructional). Just like running around all the bases in a game of baseball will allow a “run” to be added to the score, focusing on the three-cord strength of I³ potentially allows for a home-run factor to occur into summer without any sliding!

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Image source International Literacy Association.

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