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Sarah Towle | Kickstarting Tales for Time Travelers

“There are wonderful historic treasures to be found.” – Sarah Towle

We’re talking traveling through time to weave tales about history! Author and educator Sarah Towle aims to create an app to enrich traveling for tweens and teens.

Sarah Towle | Kickstarting Tales for Time Travelers

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Time Traveler Tours Team Members
Sarah Towle, Founder and Creative Director
Beth Lower, Art Director
Marcie Colleen, Curriculum Developer
Caitlin Hoffman, Community Manager
Emma D. Dryden, Editorial and Publishing Consultant
Dan Blank, Marketing and Outreach Consultant
Deb Shapiro, Marketing and Publicity Consultant
Frank Totaro, Finance and Accounting Consultant

Mary Hoffman, author, In the Footsteps of Giants
Original Artwork for In the Footsteps of Giants by Roxie Munro

Kickstarter NYC Launch Party Speakers & Emcee
Betsy Bird, New York Public Library’s Youth Materials Collections Specialist
Frank Migliorelli, Director of Digital Experience at The New York Public Library
Rocco Staino, Host, StoryMakers
Marcie Colleen, Children’s Author & Curriculum Developer (emcee)


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Via TimeTravelerTours.com
Beware Madame La Guillotine, Time-travel to 1793 and the French Revolution with this historical drama narrated by Charlotte Corday, 24-year-old schoolgirl-turned-murderess. Find out why she abandoned her family to stalk radical leader Jean-Paul Marat. Experience how she was caught up in the chaos that claimed the lives of her king and queen, and rocked her nation, and the world, forever. Time Traveler Tales interactive books harness the fiction writer’s flair for storytelling with the scholar’s pursuit of fact to bring history to life. They are true stories, beautifully told, and peppered throughout with puzzles, text boxes, and archival illustrations. What’s more, our narrators, hand picked from the historical record, are certain to draw you in and keep you there. Discover history with those who made it!

Via IndieBound.org
David (by Mary Hoffman), Michelangelo’s statue, David, is famous around the world. Millions flock to Italy every year to admire the physical perfection of the young man captured within the marble. But the identity of the model has never been known . . . until now.

In this epic tale, acclaimed author Mary Hoffman imagines the story of Gabriele, a naive but incredibly handsome young man who is hired as Michelangelo’s model, only to find himself drawn into a world of spies, political treachery, and murder. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Florence in its most turbulent times, this rich, colorful, thrilling tale gives life to one of the world’s greatest masterpieces.

Via Sarah Towle
As both author and publisher, Sarah Towle aims to combine the traditional power of narrative with the latest in mobile technology to bring history to life for teens and tweens through 1st-person storytelling and interactive educational games. Her imprint, Time Traveler Tours & Tales, puts the past at the tips of readers’ fingers and represents a new model in publishing.

Sarah’s debut StoryApp, Beware Madame La Guillotine, A Revolutionary Tour Of Parisis a bilingual treasure hunt to the French Revolution guided by murderess Charlotte Corday. After launching in July 2011, it went on to earn accolades from Apple, Kirkus, School Library Journal, Teachers With Apps, and the World Youth & Student Educational Travel Confederation. This warranted further publication in both interactive eBook and print editions, in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

In the Footsteps of Giants by Mary Hoffman will launch in 2016 with the successful completion of the campaign to raise production costs through Kickstarter. You can view the project here.

Sarah’s second title, Legend Of The Plant Hunters, will follow Mary’s. Stories to the American Revolution, Civil War, Roman London, and WWII Amsterdam are also in motion. Time Traveler Tours & Tales is open for submissions. View author guidelines here.

Sarah blogs about writing, app development, tech in education, and digital publishing at www.sarahtowle.com. She has presented at industry events in Europe and North America, including SCBWI-LA, NESCBWI, and O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing. She can also be found regularly in school around the globe as a guest teacher and lecturer.

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Executive Producer: Julie Gribble

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I would travel back to when Jesus was teaching and healing to experience the amazing gift God gave the world in person.

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I love the Charlotte Corday part with the French Revolution. Sounds like great books!


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