2015 Pilot Program – Anacostia area, Washington, DC

In 2014, JetBlue commissioned a study by Susan Neuman, childhood literacy expert and one of the researchers of a 2001 study that illustrated there is access to only 1 age-appropriate book for every 300 children in underserved communities. Neuman was tasked with finding out if the landscape has gotten better or worse for our nation’s children. Focusing on three key JetBlue communities, Neuman’s early research (and presently on-going) has shown the problem has gotten much, much worse. In fact, it’s a book desert for children in underserved communities.

After receiving the early findings of Neuman’s research, JetBlue created an advisory board made up of childhood literacy and development experts representing several esteemed organizations. With the assistance of the advisory board, JetBlue developed a plan that will be piloted in one of the communities in need: Anacostia area, Washington, DC. Neuman’s early research showed that in the shadow of our nation’s capital, in 2015, there is access to only one-age appropriate book for every 830 children.

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