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A reliable vein of children’s humor involves putting things in places they are not supposed to be, and this second book about “friendly and funny” Noni the Pony and her friends Coco and Dave, a dog and a cat, sends them to the beach, where laughs are to be had. They bring along “the ladies next door” — five cows, who slide down a sand dune quite ungracefully. The members of the crew take a swim — well, Noni and Dave do, while Coco lounges in a hammock-like fishing net and the cows wade in gingerly. With Lester’s smooth, natural rhymes, it’s a nearly perfect preschooler-friendly summer day, complete with simple illustrations as pleasing to look at as those colorful iced sugar cookies shaped like flowers or bells that canny shopkeepers keep next to the register.

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Image source New York Times.

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