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StoryMakers: Kelly Light’s ‘Louise Loves Art’

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Is it possible for big sisters to get along with their little brothers? If your children are anything like author and illustrator Kelly Light’s Louise and Art there is a distinct possibility they’ll get along swimmingly. Besides a fondness for each other, Louise and Art love drawing … unfortunately, the creative and eager Art likes to use his sister’s work as his own canvas. Uh oh! What happens next will melt any reader’s heart and give them more of an appreciation for the little artists in their lives.

Louise Loves Art is Kelly Light’s debut picture book and the first in the series. Two more picture books are in the works, then Kelly will branch out into leveled readers. Each reader will be a different Louise story.

StoryMakers host Rocco Staino got a chance to bring out his inner artist, too! Rocco and Kelly drew Louise and Arts mischievous cat, but you can only see it if you sign up for our newsletter! We dare you, or your child to show off your inner artist; draw a picture of the cat and share it with us via Twitter, or Facebook!

Cartoons really were where I got all my inspiration.

— Kelly Light

We’re giving away two (2) Louise Loves Art prize packs. Each prize pack contains a signed copy of Kelly Light’s Louise Loves Art, three prints, one pack of artist grade pencils, and a sketch book AND a Louise doll from MerryMakers. Enter now!

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All entrants must reside in the United States and be at least 13 years old.

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Louise Loves Art, Meet Louise. Louise loves art more than anything. It’s her imagination on the outside. She is determined to create a masterpiece—her pièce de résistance! Louise also loves Art, her little brother. This is their story. Louise Loves Art is a celebration of the brilliant artist who resides in all of us.

BONUS: Get the Teacher’s Guide for Louise Loves Art

Created by Marcie Colleen


ARRIVING ON 6/14/2016! Louise and Andie: The Art of Friendship, Louise loves art more than anything. Imagine her delight when a new neighbor, Andie moves in… and she loves art too! It’s the best day ever! But liking the same thing doesn’t always mean you agree on it. Can they overcome their creative differences?

Louise Loves Art and KidLit TV

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Author and illustrator Kelly Light grew up on the New Jersey shore surrounded by giant pink dinosaurs, cotton candy colors, and Skee-Ball sounds. She was schooled on Saturday-morning cartoons and Sunday funny pages. She picked up a pencil, started drawing, and never stopped. Kelly has illustrated Elvis and the Underdogs and Elvis and the Underdogs: Secrets, Secret Service, and Room Service by Jenny Lee, and The Quirks series by Erin Soderberg.

Kelly is an International Ambassador of Creativity for The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity! The Center is a non-profit founded by Chuck Jones, the animator, artist and director of so many of the cartoons that we think of when we just think the word “cartoon”. In his lifetime, Chuck enjoyed talking to and encouraging younger artists. The center continues in this spirit to ignite creative thinking through free art classes for kids, creativity workshops, presentations and talks for kids and adults meant to inspire and enlighten. The center also has outreach programs to local schools who have lost their art funding and visits senior citizen centers to provide drawing and creativity exercises for greater mental and emotional health.


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Host: Rocco Staino
Executive Producer: Julie Gribble

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