The 2015 Princeton Book Festival – Check it out Here!

Take a tour through the 2015 Princeton Book Festival with Donna Marie. If you love children’s books and children’s book authors then you will love the Princeton Book Festival. Tables upon tables exhibiting famous children’s book authors and stacks of new children’s books to be signed. Donna Marie describes how the event just keeps growing…

This was my third year so I knew what to expect—so I thought! lol. Rather than the attendees building in number through the morning, the tents were overflowing before the event opened! Not kidding, people, this IS the “Disney World” of KidLit! There are many more “attractions” (103 authors and illustrators!) than there is time to get to them all, and way more books than the budget allows

Get your book bag ready! If you haven’t been before, reading about this fun event, will definitely make you want to join many others in making the Princeton Book Festival an annual tradition. Donna Marie travels through the festival, meeting with author after author, depicting the scene in a personal way. This article tour is almost as good as being there.

Upon arriving with my shoulder bag plus a box strapped to a little hand truck, when I first entered the library… the first author I ran into was Jarrett J. Krosoczka. I recognized his face immediately and he was as friendly as could be :) Later on, when I saw him at his table, I couldn’t resist getting one of his famous Lunch Lady books, and his signature was added to my copy of Comics Squad Recess! purchased last year at which time three of the ten author/illustrators signed it. Yay!…


Donna Marie does an excellent job of bringing the Princeton Book Festival to Life, with over 40 pictures from the festival, you’ll find this article extremely visually pleasing. It will cause those of you who were able to attend, to feel reminiscent, and those of who couldn’t make it, feel as if you were there. You shouldn’t miss it!

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Oh, wow!!!!!!!!!! Sarah, I had NO idea you guys did this! I’m SO flattered! You REALLY brightened my day and I’m so glad you appreciated the blog post. I sure do appreciate all YOU guys do here at KidLit TV :D :D :D Thank you!


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