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Author Stacey R. Campbell is a rising kid lit star! She has published several young adult novels, her most popular being her Lakeview Novel Series. Her middle grade novel ARRGH! won the Mom’s Choice Award and she recently published her debut picture book SOCK MONSTER (Green Darner Press), which is a story about a young boy named Billy who refuses to pick up his clothes, and the sock monster who comes to teach him a lesson.

Having grown up with dyslexia Stacey had always been afraid to put her thoughts down on paper. As a writer she believes, “when your heart tells you to do something you have to follow it.”

SOCK MONSTER tells a story that parents can relate to. Every parent sometimes finds shirts, socks, and heaps of clothes on their kid’s floor. What’s a parent to do to teach them a little lesson about keeping their room tidy? Telling the old tale of the Sock Monster, of course! And what keeps the Sock Monster alive and thriving? You guessed it! All the clothes on your floor!


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