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Book Trailer Premiere! LOST.FOUND.

This holiday season when you and your reluctant readers are snuggled up together by a fireplace, you might want to read a family story that is beautifully told through words and illustration. The perfect book recommendation for you this year would have to be Marsha Diane Arnold’s new picture book LOST.FOUND., illustrated by Matthew Cordell. LOST.FOUND. teaches us that even though something might be lost, it can be found again along with help of friends and family by our side. It is simply told and sparks something in every reader’s mind that reminds them of home and love.

Marsha is a talented author whose simple tale speaks directly from the heart, while Matthew’s brilliant illustrations bring out the child in all of us. LOST.FOUND. is published by Roaring Brook Press and is a Neal Porter book, which means it is of its highest quality.


On a wintry day, a bear loses his soft red scarf. The wind carries it *whoosh* to a pair of raccoons who use it to play tug-o-war. When they run off, a beaver dons the scarf as the perfect winter hat…until it gets tangled on a tree branch. The scarf is lost and found by a series of animals, including a fox and a couple of rascally squirrels, who use it as everything from a swing to a trampoline.

When all the animals lay claim to the scarf at once, calamity ensues that can only be fixed by a bear, a little patience, and friendship, in this nearly wordless, clever picture book.

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