Top 5 Read Out Loud Episodes of 2015

We created a list of the top Read Out Loud episodes of 2015. These episodes had the most views on our site and YouTube. KidLit TV introduced the Read Out Loud series in mid-September of 2015. Author Paul Czajak was the first kid lit creator to appear on the show and he made the top 5 list too! We wanted a fun way to connect with kids, their parents, and caretakers. Read Out Loud episodes are a great way to spend some time with family and to encourage reading at an early age.

Top 5 Read Out Loud Episodes of 2015 Countdown

5. Freddy the Frogcaster and the Huge Hurricane

The Freddy the Frogcaster series is a perfect way to get children hooked on STEM. Freddy the Frogcaster and the Huge Hurricane is the third book in the series by Fox News senior meteorologist, Janice Dean. This time around school’s out for Freddy, which means he’s got plenty of time to spend at the Frog News Network. There, Freddy studies weather patterns and happens upon a hurricane that’s headed to the town of Lilypad. Watch this episode of Read Out Loud to find out what happens next.

Read Out Loud | FREDDY THE FROGCASTER AND THE HUGE HURRICANE #Storytime #ReadAloud #BedtimeStories

Click here to learn more about Freddy the Frogcaster and the Huge Hurricane. You can download a Freddy the Frogcaster activity guide and weather journal too!

4. R Is for Rocket: An ABC Book

Rocket believes reading rocks and kids will too after they hear Tad Hills read R Is for Rocket: An ABC Book. Rocket and his animal pals go on an alliterative journey from A to Z while introducing readers to art and nature.

Read Out Loud | Tad Hills Reads R IS FOR ROCKET: An ABC Book #Storytime #ReadAloud #BedtimeStories

Click here to learn more about R Is for Rocket: An ABC Book.

3. Monster Needs a Party

Monster Needs a Party is Paul Czajak’s story of two unlikely friends; Boy and Monster. Sometimes the things that go bump in the night aren’t as scary as they seem. Monsters have feelings too, and sometimes they just want to have a party with their friends.

Read Out Loud | Paul Czajak Reads MONSTER NEEDS A PARTY #Storytime #ReadAloud #BedtimeStories

Click here to learn more about Monster Needs a Party; a story about friendship, self-esteem, and surprises!

2. Little Elliot, Big City

Sometimes it’s tough being a little guy in a big city. Poor Elliot happens to be one of those guys. He has to go through a lot of trouble to do the things many of us take for granted because he’s so small. Author and illustrator Mike Curato reads Little Elliot, Big City, a book about a small elephant trying to make it in the big city.

Read Out Loud | Mike Curato Reads LITTLE ELLIOT, BIG CITY #Storytime #ReadAloud #BedtimeStories

Click here to learn more about the Little Elliot series and to download a free activity kit.

1. Wolfie the Bunny

There are many different types of families. Sometimes the family that chooses you, or vice versa, is the best! So, what’s the worst that can happen if the Bunny family adopts a wolf pup they find on their stoop? Will he grow up to be big and strong, then eat them all up? Author Ame Dyckman reads Wolfie the Bunny; a furry tale of interspecies adoption, sibling rivalry, bravery, and love … Lots of love! Illustrator Zachariah OHora makes a special appearance as the loveable furball, Wolfie.

Read Out Loud | Ame Dyckman Reads WOLFIE THE BUNNY #Storytime #ReadAloud #BedtimeStories

Click here to learn more about Wolfie the Bunny!

KidLit TV’s Read Out Loud series is perfect for parents, teachers, and librarians. Use these readings for nap time, story time, bedtime … anytime!

What are your top Read Out Loud episodes of 2015? Let us know in the comments section below.

Thanks for staying tuned, we hope you’ll be reading out loud with us in 2016.

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