Inside Scoop Henry L. Herz and When You Give An Imp A Penny

Children’s science fiction and fantasy author Henry L. Herz knows that publication is a long journey. Henry has interviewed many fellow children’s book authors on his website. His endless support for the kid lit community is a great example for authors and kid lit advocates.

Inside Scoop! with Henry L. Herz

As a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI) and the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA), Henry participates in literature panels at a variety of conventions, including San Diego Comic-Con and WonderCon. He also reviews children’s books for the San Francisco Book Review and the San Diego Book Review. His two sons are likewise big fans of fantasy, science fiction, and San Diego Comic-Con. In fact, they helped Henry write many of his books.

Henry’s debut picture book, Monster Goose Nursery Rhymes, was published by Pelican in January of 2015. Two new titles — When You Give an Imp a Penny and Little Red Cuttlefish — will be released this year.

On KidLit TV, we’re turning the tables. The interviewer becomes the interviewee. Join Henry as he discusses the vast world of fantasy and science fiction for kids. He comments on inspiring young writers to create their own stories and talks about encouraging parents, guardians and educators to write and maybe even self-publish books with kids!

In this episode, you’ll learn all about Henry’s latest: When You Give an Imp a Penny. We’re also including a few teaching guides and activities for this title that you can use in history, literature, and science classes.

Henry is the creator of KidLit Creature Week an ‘annual online gallery of monsters, creatures, and other imaginary beasts from children’s books.’ He knows his creatures when he sees them: good, mischievous, or otherwise. To find out if Henry would give an imp a penny, watch our Inside Scoop interview. But beware: after you watch it, you might want to give an imp a penny, too!

From Indiebound:

When You Give An Imp A Penny
 If you’ve ever given an imp a penny, then you know how outrageous things can get. If you haven’t…consider yourself warned In this vibrant new story from the writer and illustrator behind Monster Goose Nursery Rhymes, a well-meaning imp needs one tiny favor. But sometimes even the smallest of good deeds can lead to huge accidents When he tries to help you clean house, this clumsy imp will leave everything messier than ever. And once he’s done burying his money bag for safekeeping, your yard might never be the same. With colorful illustrations right out of a fairy tale and a story that will get the whole family laughing, this book is a must-have for every lover of fantasy.


Monster Goose Nursery Rhymes
Enter an enchanted land of mythical creatures where manticores reign and ogres roar-a land of mystery and fright. A unique twist on traditional rhymes of everyone’s youth, “Monster Goose Nursery Rhymes” presents a more sinister approach to these childhood classics, and yet the sing-song nature of the poems renders them playful and jovial at the same time. Little Witch Muffet is not frightened by a silly, little spider; she simply adds him to her stew. Rotten zombies, giants, dwarves, and goblins mingle with werewolves, centaurs, and fauns. Follow along the skeleton stepping stones, scale up a palisade, claw at the window of a tasty child and bake him into a pumpkin shell. Monsters cook up delicious elvish pie, too. Every kid who has an eensy weensy bit of sense wants a pet with feathers white as snow, who flies like an eagle and bleats like a goat-a hippogriff, of course

Six forest sprites with four times as many pixies escape from a loaf of bread atop the elaborate table of the fey queen; her feast has flown away If you enjoy mischief and have a penchant for the morbidly hilarious, the Herzs’ rhymes will satisfy your mythological curiosities.

Larson’s illustrations give new life to these ancient figures, and her artistic style employs the bold lines and colorful movement of an action-packed comic book. The author also includes a “bestiary” with information about the book’s legendary creatures, which hail from Scotland, Germany, Italy, Persia, Haiti, and Scandinavia.



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