KidLit Podcast: Paul Czajak

Podcast Ep7: Paul Czajak 

KidLit TV presents a special interview with picture book author Paul Czajak at NY Public Library in Battery Park City! Enjoy this podcast and learn about Paul’s amazing books that will make your kid’s shout, “Read it again!” 

About Monster Needs a Party! A Monster & Me™ book: That time of year is finally here: Monster’s birthday has arrived! But when none of his friends can attend his party, it’s up to boy to cheer him up. With pirates, prizes, and playful rhyme, this story is sure to surprise readers until the very last page.

From NYPL:
About Seaver the Weaver
Seaver is an orb spider, and orb spiders only make round webs—or do they? Inspired by the constellations he sees in the sky above, Seaver tests the limits by weaving sharp shapes. Courageous Seaver meets with success; his patterned webs are snagging snacks from the sky around him while his brothers and sisters wait with boredom in their beautiful round webs, unnoticed by passing insects. Soon Seaver, confused about being different, is the toast of the sky, and is happy to share his shape-making skills with his large family.

Author Bio
Paul Czajak got an F with the words “get a tutor” on his college writing paper and after that, never thought he’d become a writer. But after spending twenty years as a chemist, he knew his creativity could no longer be contained. Living in New Jersey with his wife, and two little monsters, Paul has rediscovered his passion for writing and looks forward to sharing his stories for years to come. In addition to the Monster & Me™ series, Paul is also the author of Seaver the Weaver.

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