Nerds are the New Cool: YA Sci Fi

We love these 9 science fiction books for teens that our team member, Kristin Ammerman, put together for How Does She! This list features six books from the last six decades plus three more current sci-fi books you may not have heard of. This YA sci fi list is especially great for younger teens who don’t want the gritty books that an older teen (or adult) might look for. These books keep the romance and violence to a PG-13 level.

So your teenager finished reading all the hottest science fiction books on the market: Hunger Games, Divergent and the Scorch Trials. Science fiction used to be nerdy. Very nerdy. Funny how times have changed! Now that nerdy is the new cool, they’re probably wondering what other YA sci fi books are out there. Why not read science fiction books from yesteryear and learn the nerd-lingo? Before your teen downloads that next book to their tablet, here are some suggestions that will help them get street “cred” with actual nerds.

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