The Lion and The Bird

Intensely tender and bold, The Lion and the Bird by Marianne Dubuc, translated by Sarah Ardizzone is the tale of a blossoming friendship between a lion and the injured bird he discovers in his garden one autumn day. It’s a tale across the divide, about setting free that which you hold most dear, about being content and grateful, about kindness, sorrow, loneliness and love.

The injured bird is one of a flock migrating to warmer climes. Left behind because of a damaged wing, the bird is nursed back to health by Lion and they become firm friends as autumn turns to winter. One spring day brings the bird’s flying family back his way and the lion has to accept his friend’s need to return to the clouds, leaving the lion to grieve. Time, however, never stands still and as summer gives way to autumn, Lion looks to the sky. Will his friend return? Or was that glorious winter of friendship all that will ever be?

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