Hands-On Letter Sounds Activity

From No Time For Flash Cards:

Learning the sounds that letters make is one of the building blocks for reading. While I don’t advocate rushing children to read early, I do advocate PLAYING with letters and letter sounds when they are preschoolers. As teachers and parents, we look at activities like this through an adult lens, and we may see it as an educational activity leaning towards a quiz even but if we put kid goggles on we will see a fun matching activity or perhaps a puzzle to solve. This activity could be done on a worksheet, but the dynamic aspect of this with manipulatives helps to make it a fun activity vs. something that feels like work. It’s all in how we as the guide approach the activity. Enthusiasm when we introduce activities like this matter. Saying things like ” Ooh I wonder if we can match each animal up to the right letter!” is really all I have ever needed to say – be there to help if they need it but even if they make a mistake let them be until they are ready for you to help or look it over. If they put the cat with a k, use it as an opportunity to learn instead of discouraging them.

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