Why Picture Books Are Important by Joyce Wan

Why Picture Books Are Important by Joyce Wan |
When I was young, my mom could not speak English but she took me to the library every week without fail. Although she was unable to read to me, picture books enabled us to enjoy the pictures and make up stories together. This would end up being one of her greatest gifts to me—the gift of imagination and creativity ignited by picture books.

As I learned to read, the combination of words and pictures completely immersed me into new worlds. Growing up in rough inner-city housing projects, picture books provided me with a safe refuge and possibilities of adventure, beauty, wonder, and humor. It was a doorway to the richness of the world and gave me hope and inspiration. It was where imagination bloomed and anything was possible. It is this spirit that I attribute all my successes to and which guides me in everything I do to this day.

Picture books empower the underprivileged and give hope to the voiceless. They have the power to capture your heart and transform your soul. They are the first interaction we have with books and that initial connection creates a ripple effect that lasts a lifetime and for generations to come.

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Kid Lit TV Commenter Kippax

To awaken the sense of wonder, dormant and latent in every child is miraculous, Joyce. Kudos 👏 💐


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