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Ready Set Draw! Peg + Cat STEM Activity

Ready Set Draw! PEG + CAT Craft (STEM)

This week on Ready Set Draw!,  Peg + Cat co-creator Jennifer Oxley creates a STEM activity to accompany her episodes of StoryMakers and Read Out Loud (both with co-creator Billy Aronson). This activity encourages children to explore fractions, shapes, colors, and counting too.

We’d love to add your artwork to the Ready Set Draw Art Gallery!

Did you, your child, or a student create their own pizza after watching this episode? Share your images with us via Facebook (you can upload to our page!), Instagram, or Twitter! Use the hashtag #ReadySetDraw so we can find you. We can’t wait to see what you’ve made!

  • Several pieces of construction paper or scraps (red, yellow, green, orange)
  • Glue stick
  • Paper plates
  • Safety scissors
  • Crayon, pencil or marker to divide the pizza into slices


[P] Ready Set Draw - Jennifer Oxley - Peg + Cat Pizza Problem-2
Watch Jennifer and Peg + Cat co-creator, Billy Aronson read PEG + CAT: THE PIZZA PROBLEM, on Read Out Loud!
READ OUT LOUD - Jennifer Oxley & Billy Aronson - Peg + Cat_ The Pizza Problem Featured Image
Watch Jennifer and Peg + Cat co-creator, Billy Aronson on StoryMakers, to learn how to make math fun!
STORYMAKERS - Jennifer Oxley & Billy Aronson (Peg + Cat) Featured Image

Peg + Cat: The Pizza Problem
Peg Plus Cat: The Pizza Problem - Jennifer Oxley & Billy Aronson
By Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson
Published by Candlewick Entertainment

What do fractions have to do with pizza? The stars of the Emmy Award winning animated series “Peg + Cat” serve up a delicious new episode.
It’s lunchtime at Peg’s Pizza Place. Peg and Cat are excited to take their first order from the Teens only to learn that some of their customers want a whole pizza while one of them wants half a pie. How can Peg and Cat make half a pie when they don t know what “half “is? Luckily, Ramone and Mac are there to help, with a slice up the middle of the pizza. As more customers come in, things get entertaining, with Peg singing a jazzy song and Cat doing a dance. But soon there’s another problem: four orders, but only two and a half pizzas left. Peg is totally freaking out until Cat reminds her that when it comes to halves and wholes, it’s all in how you slice it.


Jennifer Oxley was born in Hollywood, California and caught the filmmaking bug early – she made her first film at the age of seven. Since then she has directed fifteen short films for Sesame Street, as well as the award-winning adaptation of Spike Lee and Tanya Lewis Lee’s children’s book, Please, Baby, Please.

Her latest film, The Music Box, was acquired by The Museum of Modern Art for their permanent children’s film collection. Her work in children’s television includes directing and artistic credits. Jennifer is the recipient of an Emmy Award for her role as director on Little Bill, and she created the look and animation style of The Wonder Pets!, which won an Environmental Media Award and the prestigious Japan Prize.

Most recently Jennifer teamed up with Billy Aronson to create Peg + Cat for PBS Kids, and is co-founder of 9ate7 Productions.

Source: 9ate 7 Productions

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Billy Aronson is a playwright and writer. Aronson is probably best known for creating the original concept behind the Tony award-winning rock opera Rent. He’s written several plays and musicals. Also, he’s written for popular children’s shows, and cartoons including Courage the CowardlyCodename: Kids Next DoorThe BackyardigansThe Wonder Pets, and Beavis and Butthead.

Aronson attended Princeton University. He counts several plays by Shakespeare, Looney Tunes, and The Brothers Grimm among his influences. Billy Aronson is a co-creator of Peg + Cat for PBS Kids, and is co-founder of 9ate7 Productions, with Jennifer Oxley.

Learn more about his playwriting, television work, and more, here.

Website | Facebook

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Read Set Draw!
Executive Producer: Julie Gribble

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