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Book Trailer - MBFH

Lida thought she was safe. Her neighbors wearing the yellow star were all taken away, but Lida is not Jewish. She will be fine, won’t she? But she cannot escape the horrors of World War II. Lida’s parents are ripped away from her and she is separated from her beloved sister, Larissa. The Nazis take Lida to a brutal work camp, where she and other Ukrainian children are forced into backbreaking labor. Starving and terrified, Lida bonds with her fellow prisoners, but none of them know if they’ll live to see tomorrow. When Lida and her friends are assigned to make bombs for the German army, Lida cannot stand the thought of helping the enemy. Then she has an idea. What if she sabotaged the bombs…and the Nazis? Can she do so without getting caught?

Read more here: SCHOLASTIC

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Kid Lit TV Commenter Armando

Hell my name is Armando and I have a complain, because this is a click bait because you can see the trailer cover but it is not there please don’t do it an again please took me 4 days to find something like it but ended being click bait

thank you


Kid Lit TV Commenter Rachel Bonaer

I read this book for class and liked it fine. There are a few things tho. 1st thing I think this book is prob 10+ a kid does not need the biggest definition of WW2 IF THEY ARE A KID there are people getting shot, killed, or worse. There’s one part that got me a girl and a police officer shot their guns at the same times and died at the same time does that sound like a children’s book to you?!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Anonymous

Tbh, having younger kids read this won’t affect them really. I read this in fifth grade and have been perfectly fine and since has expanded my knowledge of the horrors of the holocaust

Kid Lit TV Commenter Anonymous

You could just not read this book to little kids then if you think that they shouldn’t read it.

Kid Lit TV Commenter Maxwell

This needs to be made into a movie and get the girl from the commercial to be in it!

Kid Lit TV Commenter isabella

this book is the best it had me on the edge of my seat i read it in 5th grade i loved it so much, highly recommend!!!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Lora

I love this book I read it forth grade and it was really good and my fav to this day but there really needs to be a movie to this it would workout really well in my opinion


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