Creativity Corner: Make a Zine and more!

by: Terry Shay
This month I’d like to highlight a fun activity to get kids creating by making their own zine, or small magazine. Illustrator Anna Raff created a graphic to show how to simply make one; all that is needed is a sheet of paper and an idea.

You can download the instructions HERE!

Anna’s zine illustration first appeared in Ask Magazine  * Special thanks to Anna Raff!!

Quiver A really fun way to get creative is through the Quiver App (formerly ColAR). There are a variety of templates on the website that kids can print and color, then use the app to transform with augmented reality. There are both free and paid templates. HERE’S an example using the International Dot Day template:

Ninjafy Me After reading Arree Chung’s book, NInja!, upload a photo HERE and Ninjafy it! See Ninja! In the book recommendation section! Ninjafy Me is a fun and creative extension to reading a book.

Mark Your Calendars for April 29 Beloved author, Amy Krouse Rosenthal (AKR) passed away recently. If you haven’t read Amy’s books or watched her videos, you will want to as she is very inspiring. Kirby Larson started a movement and a Facebook group called #MoreforAKR. The idea is to celebrate AKR on her birthday, April 29. Kirby wrote, “This group was created to celebrate the birthday and, sadly, the memory, of the effervescent and hopeful writer Amy Krouse Rosenthal. On April 29, 2017, the members of this group will do #More — more kindness, love, more fill-in-the-blank and will share their intentions/actions here to beckon the lovely to spring forth in others. Because who doesn’t need a yellow umbrella once in awhile?” Add some compassion and caring to your creativity!! Join the group, join the movement, make #more

The Morning Book Club Book Recommendations


Snail and Worm Again by Tina Kügler





This House, Once
by Deborah Freedman






The Ninja Bread Man
by C.J. Leigh and illustrated by Chris Gall   





Each Kindness
by Jacqueline Woodson and illustrated by E. B. Lewis




Madi and Zach:

by Arree Chung




 Louise Loves Art
by Kelly LIght



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Kid Lit TV Commenter Janice Halupnick

NT Morning Book club: I look forward to hearing about your continuing passion for books when you are adulting and possibly parenting!! Special memories are made when reading to babies/children sitting in the comfort of your lap!! ❤


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