Publisher Spotlight FALL 2017 Showcase! Live Stream

Publisher Spotlight Fall 2017 Showcase!


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A Kid Lit FALL 2017 Preview!

Picture Books, Middle Grade, Graphic Novels and More!

Tuesday, April 27 at 3:00 PM ET

Watch LIVE: The Publisher Spotlight shines on FALL 2017 children’s books!

Join hosts Rocco Staino, Ellen Myrick and a Special Guest to celebrate books for children and teens.

PDF Download for Publishers Spotlight FALL 2017 Showcase:
Publisher Spotlight KidLitTV Broadcast Checklist Fall 2017

Publisher Spotlight Showcase LIVE STREAM SCHEDULE:
3pm LIVE in the Studio! 
Hosted by Rocco Staino and Ellen Myrick

Miguel’s Brave Knight

Pajama Press:
Dragonfly Song
Princess Pistachio and Maurice the Magnificent

Inhabit Media:
How Nivi Got Her Names

Tilbury House:
Most People

The Tion and the Liger
Chicken in the Kitchen

Artie Conan Doyle mysteries
The Island and the Bear

Child’s Play:
All About Cats
Clive Is a Librarian
Bear Hugs at Bedtime

360 Degrees:
Moment in Time
Myths and Legends; Festivals

Tiger Tales:
Fairy Tale Pets
Only Lonely Panda

Break: Intermission
Book Trailer: Pajama Press for My Beautiful Birds

We’re back LIVE in the Studio! 

What on Earth? Books Special Guest – Chris Lloyd:
Big History

Leon the Raccoon in the Arctic
The Wolf Who Wanted to Be an Artist

Taproot (Lion Forge)
Afar (Image)
Ocean of Secrets (Tokyopop)
Tea Dragon Society (Oni)
Lighter than my Shadow (Lion Forge)

Udon/Manga Classics:
Jungle Book
The Count of Monte Cristo

Barefoot Books:
Mindful Monkeys
Barefoot Book of Children

Where Is Grandma
Waiting for Goliath

Toon Books:
Good Night, Planet

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Kid Lit TV Commenter Rosie Russell

It would an honor to win these!

Thank you all for everything you do. This is a wonderful and informative site.

Thanks again,
Rosie Russell

Kid Lit TV Commenter Julie Gribble

Hey Andrea! Your comment made the entire team smile! :-) Thank you so much!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Victoria Ruiz

I just discovered you guys at TLA this week! I have had so much fun navigating your site and have already added you to my plans for children’s book week!
We are going to usethe Wolfe the Bunny videos. I think they are going to love ready set draw!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Julie Gribble

Thank you, Victoria! We’re so happy to hear this. Please send their pics for our online gallery, too! We can’t wait to see them :-)

Kid Lit TV Commenter Julie Gribble

Hooray! Thank you, Kimberly — we love to hear from new viewers. Enjoy all of our free resources, and help us spread the word!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Karen Hendriks

A treasure dip of great books.
Awesome site
Capivating titles to swim and soak in.
Glad I stumbled here through the rabbit hole.
Karen Hendriks

Kid Lit TV Commenter Keith Barrow

You guys rock! It was awesome to see you at TLA, KidLit TV and Publisher’s Spotlight! I was the tall guy in Tim Miller’s signing line. :)

Kid Lit TV Commenter patricia szewczuk

Wow this is so great!
Wish i was a librarian to win these
This is so fun and intersesting
Thank you for this live stream

Kid Lit TV Commenter Shelly Porter

Oh, there are so many wonderful books that are now added to my Back-to-School book buying list. Thank you for sharing these titles with me!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Victoria Ruiz

Thank you for archiving the spotlight… it is so nice to stop and write things down! I would LOVE to win these titles!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Michelle R. Eastman

Hi to Julie and all of the wonderful KidLit TV crew! I’d love to win these books and donate them to children of incarcerated parents via MARCHing Books to Kids. Thank you!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Vanessa Jerez

WHAT?!? You guys always do amazing things in the world for reading! Thank you! Hope to see you in Princeton again this year!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Morgan Topp

My collection is old! New books would be greatly appreciated!!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Connie Wilson

I shared Kid Lit TV with my library classes when I returned from Texas Library Association. Kids (and our art teacher) were especially excited about Ready Set Draw!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Julie Gribble

Thanks awesome news, Connie! Be sure to share their drawings with us, and we’ll showcase them in our Ready Set Draw! Gallery!


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