Book Trailer Premiere: THE JELLY BEAN TREE


The Jellybean Tree

KidLit TV is proud to present the Book Trailer Premiere of Toni Yuly’s THE JELLY BEAN TREE. Your kids will love Jelly Bean the giraffe and all her forest friends! Lessons include the gift of patience, responsibility and friendship.


Jelly Bean the giraffe loves her forest and her friendseven if she’s too tall to play on the forest floor. She also loves napping with her head in the trees. But when Mama Bird decides Jellybean is the perfect place for her nest, the giraffe suddenly has a big responsibility as she waits for the baby birds to hatch. Can Jellybean be patient and still enough, day and night? Yes, with a little help from her friends.

Working with collage and torn tissue paper, Toni Yuly brings charm and humor to her bold, colorful artwork in this gentle story about friendship.

Be on the lookout for Jelly Bean and friends in bookstores! Though, you might find her napping on the bookshelves somewhere.

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Did you like this post? Leave a comment for us below.
We love to hear from YOU!

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