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StoryMakers On Location: Jody Lynn Nye at TLA

StoryMakers On Location: Jody Lynn Nye at TLA

Like us, author Jody Lynn Nye loves cats! When she’s not writing or working on her novels she’s spoiling her cats! Since 1987 Jody has published over 40 books and more than 120 short stories. She is known for her fantasy and science fiction series and is now working on broadening her work into YA fiction. If you love adventures, plot twists and sci-fi, Jody is the author to turn to! We were thrilled to have met up with her at the Texas Library Association Conference!



What happens when you get the one thing you wanted most in life? Lonely 16-year-old farm girl Barbara Winton has been following one reality show for years. Then in an instant she goes from fangirl to participant when the call comes from Dr. Keegan Bright: She’s been selected out of a horde of applicants to join him on the Moon.

She’ll be one of his Bright Sparks, six students with expertise in STEM and plenty of their own ingenuity chosen to work with Dr. Bright and given big responsibilities to undertake new projects important to the growth of the colony. Her first task? Build a radar telescope using an entire crater on the far side of the Moon.

But Barbara soon learns that life on a burgeoning frontier outpost like the Moon is a far cry from safe, civilized Earth. The loner from farm country must find a way to weld a functional team out of fiercely independent thinkers. Not only are they a bit trickier to work with than farm robots, not only is the working environment incredibly dangerous—she also has to perform this miracle in front of millions of fans. . . .

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StoryMakers on Location
Executive Producer: Julie Gribble

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