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Have you ever wanted to travel around the world? Taste the regional cuisine? Visit museums and monuments? Learn about the culture of the people? Well, you can do that with your family. We are traveling around the world through our year long Family Dinner Book Club.

Grab the passport and check out where we will travel in 2017. And, don’t forget to print out your FREE Around the World Family Dinner Book Club planner below.

What is a Family Dinner Book Club?

Each month:

On the first of each month, we provide all the details for your dinner.
Sarah from Chef Sarah Elizabeth shares a themed menu to compliment the book.
Laura from Sunny Day Family shares easy table crafts.
And, I will share conversation starters and a service project for your family.
Here’s a little bonus tip…

Do you need a holiday gift for a family? Print out the FREE planner, grab a few or all of the books on this list, add a world map, and you have the perfect holiday gift!

So, where are we going?

Learn more at Growing Book by Book.

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