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StoryMakers On Location: Joan Bauer at TLA

StoryMakers On Location: Joan Bauer at TLA

A NY Times Best-selling author, speaker, and songwriter, Joan Bauer is now on StoryMakers on Location! Joan’s books have been treasured by many readers throughout the years and is working on adapting her novels into musicals and plays — page to stage! Join StoryMakers host, Rocco Staino, as he chats with Joan about her work as an author. Who knows, maybe you’ll relate to her too!





Jeremiah has a lot of heart, which is a little ironic, since the heart that beats in his chest is a transplanted one. For a sixth-grader, he’s very wise. When his adoptive dad, Walt, has to make a temporary move to a small, baseball-fixated Ohio town, it seems like the perfect opportunity for Jeremiah to make use of his can-do attitude to revive the nearly defunct middle school baseball team. He’s too sick to play, but he loves the game, and he’s an incredible coach. He also brings those same brightly inspiring skills to bear on his across-the-street neighbor, Franny, who’s suffering from a loss that involves her absent father… An outstanding, tender exploration of courage and the true nature of heroism and, for good measure, a fine homage to America’s game, as well.



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