The Kids Are All Write: How to Write an Opinion Essay

By Jamie Nanfara

You are never too young to share your beliefs and opinions!  Here are some tips for writing an opinion essay – no matter what the topic!

Think of a Topic
When writing an opinion essay, you want to choose a topic that you feel strongly about.  Make a list of people and animals you love, afterschool activities you participate in, and places you go.  Then, pick a topic from your list you would like to write about first.

State Your Opinion
Write an opinion sentence about your topic.  Start with the words, “I think…” or “In my opinion…”  For example, In my opinion dogs are the best pets!

Support with Reasons
If you want people to agree with you, then give them a reason to!  Why do you think what you do?  Why should other people think or do the same?  What makes your topic so special?  Write at least three reasons to support your opinion.  Use the sentence starters below to help support your opinion.

One reason is…
I think that because…
Another reason…
For example…

Write an Ending
End your essay by restating your opinion sentence.  Also, give a quick summary of all your reasons and demand your reader to do something!

Now you know that dogs are the best pets!  They are friendly, easy to take care of, and encourage you to get outside and exercise.  So, go to your local animal shelter and adopt a dog today!

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Jamie is an elementary school teacher and freelance writer. In addition to creating content for KidLit TV’s website, she is an active member of SCBWI and is currently querying her first picture book. She has an MA in Teaching and is passionate about children’s literature and the role it plays in supporting the social and academic growth of her students. When she’s not teaching or writing for children, she is looking for adventure and laughing at the silly antics of her husband and daughter.

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