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Read Out Loud: BUBBLEGUM PRINCESS with Lori Hanson

Read along with illustrator Lori Hanson on this episode of Read Out Loud on Governors Island! In this modern day fairy tale, Young Katy’s love for bubblegum gets her and her family in trouble! But will the kingdom learn to love bubblegum bubbles as much as she does? Read along to find out!

We taped this episode of Read Out Loud on location during the KidLit TV Children’s Book Weekend on Governors Island at a house built in the late 1800s! The military installation on Governors Island was known collectively as Fort Columbus, and in 1878, officers’ families started to move in, and resources, such as a movie theater, a YMCA, “officer’s club,” public school, and three chapels, were built. This house is located next to the Admirals House in Nolan Park.

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A modern day fairy tale inspired by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
Young lady Katy delights in blowing bubblegum bubbles, a decidedly unladylike habit. Despite opposition, she teaches the kingdom to love bubblegum bubbles as much as she does. Katy, a lively, intelligent, and strong ­willed heroine, embarks on an adventure filled with royals, the queen’s favorite dogs:­­ corgis, and tons of bubblegum. A disclaimer worthy of note: Neither HRH Queen Elizabeth II, her corgis, nor any individual associated with the British Royal Family has authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved of this thoroughly, totally, utterly, and quite unequivocally unauthorized book!


Governors Island is in New York, only minutes away from lower Manhattan and Brooklyn! You and your family can go to Governors Island by catching a ferry this summer.


Lori Hanson is a California landscape painter who’s plein-air  interpretations of the Sierra Nevada foothills evoke a sense of magic realism. She received her Master of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute and served an apprenticeship under celebrated artist Gregory Gillespie. Lori teaches painting and art history at Columbia College in the gold country, where she lives in an oak grove with her dogs, and kitty. Her work  is shown in California and around the United States, most recently at the Halden Gallery in South Lake Tahoe. Departing from painting, Lori Has begun expressing her lyrical style in illustrations and has collaborated with author Julie Gribble to create a fanciful children’s book entitled The Bubblegum Princess.

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Executive Producer: Julie Gribble 

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Kid Lit TV Commenter Julie Gribble

I’m so happy to hear that you liked the book! Thank you so much :-)

Kid Lit TV Commenter Claire Hanson Tom

Thanks Mason for your comment I am also happy that you liked the book!


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