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Read Out Loud: COLOR DOG with Matthew Van Fleet

Read Out Loud: COLOR DOG

Read along with author Matthew Van Fleet on this episode of Read Out Loud on Governors Island! In his book COLOR DOG the reader will discover twenty different breeds of dogs! This book brings the dogs to life through textures and interactive pull tabs!

We taped this episode of Read Out Loud on location during the KidLit TV Children’s Book Weekend on Governors Island at a house built in the late 1800s! The military installation on Governors Island was known collectively as Fort Columbus, and in 1878, officers’ families started to move in, and resources, such as a movie theater, a YMCA, “officer’s club,” public school, and three chapels, were built. This house is located next to the Admirals House in Nolan Park.

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In Matthew Van Fleet’s captivating multiconcept book, COLOR DOG, twenty breeds of capering canines demonstrate action words, opposites, synonyms, and more. Cleverly designed pull tabs and flaps plus ten pettable textures provide interactive treats that will have the whole family arfing along from start to surprising finish. Bow-WOW!


Governors Island is in New York, only minutes away from lower Manhattan and Brooklyn! You and your family can go to Governors Island by catching a ferry this summer.


Matthew Van Fleet’s innovative books have been introducing children to basic concepts for over twenty years. His unique formats invite toddlers to touch, press, pull, lift and even sniff as they explore colors, shapes, numbers, letters, opposites and more. His books include the #1 New York Times bestsellers Tails and DOG as well as the New York Times bestsellers CAT, Alphabet, Heads and MOO. His perennial favorites have sold more than 8 million copies and children in fifteen countries across the globe enjoy his books in foreign language editions.

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