9 Asian Cinderella Picture Books including the Original

From Pragmatic mom:

I’ve always wondered why Cinderella is such a popular fairy tale the world over. According to Cinderella: A Cross Culture Story, the original Cinderella dates back to China as early as 850 A.D with Yeh-Shen. The oldest European version was from Italy in 1634, traveling from China.

The elements of all the Cinderella fairy tales make for a good story: good wins over evil, rags to riches is possible, and, of course, the happily ever after ending. There’s also the widowed and sometimes hapless father who seems totally unaware of his bad marital choice, the conniving new step relatives, and the heroine who is rewarded for her goodness by a magical element rather than through her own fortitude.

It makes me wonder if a Cinderella narrative is good for girls? Maybe this is why the Wonder Woman movie is making such waves with Amazons who don’t need men, and are strong and fierce warriors who, frankly, make the men they battle look wimpy.

Today, I thought I’d survey the Asian Cinderella folk tales, which I’ve organized alphabetically by country.

What do you think? Are you Team Cinderella or Team Wonder Woman?

Find the list at PragmaticMom.

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