Phil's Fast Five with Kate Messner

Phil’s Fast Five with Kate Messner

On this episode of Phil’s Fast Five, meet the author of the RANGER IN TIME series Kate Messner! Be sure to grab your blankets because you are about to discover what cold winters are like on Lake Champlain! Kate Messner loves to hike, so find out if she’s ever seen a bear in the wild, and learn more about the ninth addition to the RANGER IN TIME series!


Meet Ranger! He’s a time-traveling golden retriever who has a nose for trouble and always saves the day! Ranger has been trained as a search-and-rescue dog, but can’t officially pass the test because he’s always getting distracted by squirrels during exercises. One day, he finds a mysterious first aid kit in the garden and is transported to the year 1850, where he meets a young boy named Sam Abbott. Sam’s family is migrating west on the Oregon Trail, and soon after Ranger arrives he helps the boy save his little sister. Ranger thinks his job is done, but the Oregon Trail can be dangerous, and the Abbotts need Ranger’s help more than they realize!

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Executive Producer: Julie Gribble
Editor: Kai Van Der Putten
Animation: Julia Cordeiro
Music: Laurel Nakai

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Kid Lit TV Commenter Barb Jaindl

Love how both interviewer and author help make it clear to viewers that authors are ordinary people with lots of interests that might change misassumptions.

Kid Lit TV Commenter romenendez70

This was awesome! I love Kate Messner, we were lucky to have her Author Skype with our 4th grade students last year and they enjoyed it immensely! I love Phil’s energy and the questions were awesome! I will share this episode with my students when school starts!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Julie Gribble

Wow! Lucky indeed! So happy you can share this with your students! Here’s to a wonderful new school year! Let us know how we can help.


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