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StoryMakers with Fred Koehler FLASHLIGHT NIGHT

StoryMakers with Fred Koehler

StoryMakers’ host Rocco Staino interviews Fred Koehler, the illustrator of FLASHLIGHT NIGHT and many other picture books! Young readers will have fun discovering the magic of what a flashlight can do!

The author Matt Forrest Esenwine reminds us about the power of imagination. FLASHLIGHT NIGHT will inspire us all to be brave and adventurous! Speaking of adventures, did you know that Fred Koehler, the illustrator visited England and Scotland to research the book!

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FLASHLIGHT NIGHT is an ode to the power of imagination and the wonder of books. Three children use a flashlight to light a path around their backyard at night; in the flashlight’s beam another world looms. Our heroes encounter spooky woods, a fearsome tiger, a time-forgotten tomb, an Egyptian god, a sword-fighting pirate, and a giant squid. With ingenuity, they vanquish all, then return to their tree house―braver, closer, and wiser than before―to read the books that inspired their adventure.


PUPPY PUPPY PUPPY Baby and Puppy are inseparable. From the moment they wake up in the morning to when they go to bed at night, the two do everything together―from sharing breakfast to making a mess of the garden. Even nap time cannot keep the two apart for long, as Puppy finds a way to stay near Baby. Julie Sternberg’s sweet, spare text is fun to read aloud and complements Fred Koehler’s humorous and heartwarming illustrations, creating the perfect picture book for the youngest children.


ONE DAY, THE END “One day. . . I went to school. I came home. The end,” says our storyteller—a girl with a busy imagination and a thirst for adventure. The art tells a fuller tale of calamity on the way to school and an unpredictably happy ending. The genius of this picture book is that each illustration captures multiple, unexpected, and funny storylines as the narrator tells her shorter-than-ever stories, ending with “One day. . . I wanted to write a book.” An original and incredibly deep combination of text and art invites readers to make up stories of their own.



Fred Koehler is an artist and writer whose real-life misadventures include sunken boats, illegal border crossings, and fighting off robbers in the dead of night. Whether free diving in the Gulf of Mexico or backpacking across Africa, Fred’s sense of adventure and awe of nature overflow into his characters’ stories. Fred is passionate about encouraging young artists, promoting social justice, and conserving our environment. He lives in Florida with his wife, kids, and a rescue dog named Cheerio Mutt-Face McChubbybutt.

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Kid Lit TV Commenter Linda Chancey

Hot smackedy dig! It was such fun to see this! Gotta get a flashlight and a copy of your book and read it under the covers!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Bob Harter

Great episode with the talented & inventive Fred Koehler. His drawings make the book special.

Kid Lit TV Commenter Matt Forrest Esenwine

Thank you, everyone, for your kind words – Fred & I really appreciate your support and hope you enjoy the book!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Elisa Stillinger

FANTASTIC !!! True work of art! The story/adventure creates a wonderful journey of the imagination.

Kid Lit TV Commenter Julie laCombe

This was my childhood! We use to run all over the neighborhood with our flashlights slaying dragons & scaling mountains. Bravo!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Gayle C. Krause

Love the grayscale that so effectively portrays the fantasy that happens in the night. Would love to win a copy of Flashlight Night! :)


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