The Kids Are All Write: How to Come Up with a Story Idea

By Jamie Nanfara

“Just write a story!” says your teacher. Easy peasy! Right? Sometimes the hardest part of writing is coming up with an idea. So how can you brainstorm the most creative, most original story idea ever? Here are some tips for coming up with story ideas.

Tip 1: Ideas are all around you!

Your life is filled with ideas for stories. Open your eyes and notice them! Did something make you laugh at lunch? Did you and your friends see the most secretive squirrel at recess? Did your mom forget to put sugar in her cookie recipe (disgusting, I know!). Pay attention to the little details of your life and write down the things that stand out. Jess Keating, author of Shark Lady and The World of Weird Animals Series says, “You can find a notebook if you’d like, but you can also just fold some paper together or staple it together. Make something of your own. The important thing is that it holds your ideas.” When it’s time to write, you will have pages filled with story ideas!

Tip 2: Ideas are in books!

Reread some of your favorite books. What would the story look like if you changed the main character, the setting, or how the problem was solved? Did the main character face a problem that reminds you of something from your own life? Use stories as inspiration for your own ideas. The more stories you read, the better writer you will become!

Tip 3: Ideas are in your heart!

Make a list of people, activities, animals, and other things that you love. What makes the things on the list special to you? What would it feel like if some of them disappeared forever? Write about the things that you love, the things you are afraid of, and the things you hope for. The best story ideas come from your heart!

Check out these great books – all about generating story ideas! Happy writing!

By Adam Lehrhaupt
Illustrated by Deb Pilutti




By Philip C. Stead







By Maggie Tokuda-Hall
Illustrated by Benji Davies






By Abby Hanlon



“Do I need a special, fancy notebook for writing?”
Your question answered by Jess Keating! :

Write with Jess Keating #3: Do I need a special, fancy notebook for writing?

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