Annabeth and Connor READ ALOUD  |  TIME TRACERS

Annabeth and Connor READ ALOUD | TIME TRACERS

Annabeth & Connor (The Truth About Libraries) read aloud their new book TIME TRACERS!


Taj Carter is the kind of kid who has a good time, all the time. He’s the class clown. The best friend. The cool big brother. That is, until he wakes up on what’s supposed to be the first day of vacation only to find that his entire summer is gone!

But if that seems like a total nightmare, it’s actually the least of Taj’s worries. He discovers that the time didn’t just fly by, it was stolen. By time thieves! And now they’re after way more than just one kid’s summer break. They’re after all the fun on earth, and it turns out Taj is the key to getting it. He has a target on his back and not a moment more to lose. It’s up to Taj to find a way to get back his summer—and to save the world from falling completely off the clock.

This fast-paced, interactive assembly brings the writing process to life! Annabeth & Connor use comedic performance and improvisation to teach character creation, story structure, and narrative voice. Students get the chance to come up with brand new characters and work together to create their own story, which Annabeth & Connor perform on the spot. Find more HERE.

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