Eve Naturally’s Best Books by Black Women

From Eve Naturally:

Black excellence, and especially black women, are putting their stamp on the publishing industry.

Publishers are taking steps toward improving the statistics and bringing balance to an industry that has long ignored works by women of color.

While they still have a long way to go, this year has already seen a remarkable number of published works authored by black women in several categories.

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Kid Lit TV Commenter Nicole Johnson

I’d love to see a list of Best Children’s Book by Black Women as well. There are so many children who lack access to books in America and as a black author myself, I hope my efforts will help have an impact in the years to come. Check out If You Were A Mouse at http://www.nrjbook.wixsite.com/book

Kid Lit TV Commenter Bethany Edwards

Hi Nicole, Thank you so much for sharing your book and your passion for #ownvoices authors. My goal is to continue highlighting them for sure. Helping Kids Rise and The Conscious Kid Library both have amazing lists for picture books by black females as well. Thanks for supporting KidLitTV!


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