The Anatomy of a Diverse Bookshelf

More so than ever, classrooms all over the world are becoming more multiracial and multicultural.  I believe our bookshelves in classrooms and at home need to reflect the world around us.  I believe in being intentional with the books that we teach children how to read with, as well as books we enjoy together while reading aloud.

A list of fail-proof ways to incorporate diversity into your library. Teach global citizenship with award winning diverse books to teach inclusion with your bookshelves at home and in classrooms.
Photo Credit: Biracial Bookworms

Teaching literacy skills while also teaching children to read the world gives them the stepping stones towards learning empathy and tolerance. This is so very important to do while they are young.  Just like with food, TV, clothing, sports, etc… the books they read are shaping their worldview.

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